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As with most groups we have to have standards in order to maintain the highest quality of aid, and a positive atmosphere for continued growth to offer our members here at HopeFromBeyond.  In order to do this we do have to have regulations.  Please read this before you join:

1. Application must have a reason for joining applicable to our group.  We realize you might not have a specific reason for joining, but we do want to have something written that shows us you are a legitimate applicant interested in the Psychic Development or Psychic-Spiritual subject.  We've received in the past generalized, non-specific comments for a reason to join from Spammers, so we must take added precautions in this respect.  We automatically deny all blank applications.


2. A Valid E-Mail Address, and a Member Profile.   If the profile lists "undisclosed" under name and/or there's nothing about you listed, then we reserve the right to deny membership.   Please state on the application if you are a Manager or Assistant Manager of another psychic group.  As is common with most groups we also must state to have no wish to have conflict of interests with other similarly listed groups and reserve the right to terminate memberships of those who are a Manager or Assistant Manager of another psychic forum.

3. We are totally of the Light and all positive energy.  We are not involved with anything of the dark here and that includes witchcraft, black magic, psychic warfare, sorcery, evil supernatural power, fairies, pixies, leprechauns, etc., any lower dimension beings, or any negative involvement which would disrupt our group.  We require you to post in our group once within two weeks after joining, otherwise it is to be assumed you are lurking, and we therefore will cancel your membership.  We reserve the right to cancel a membership due to prolonged inactivity.  


4. Information about Nicknames:

 In being considerate to other members, having nicknames being difficult to read is unacceptable (i.e. symbols, foreign lettering, or mixture of lettering and/or numbers that is not readable wording).  As with many groups we also unfortunately get professional spammers applying simply to post advertisements on our forum threads, and they often make nicknames that are just a jumble of lettering.  For this reason we have consistently rejected allowing people to join with this kind of identity. We do not allow negative, pagan or witchcraft related, offensive nicknames, or mixture of lettering and/or numbers that is not readable wording.  Our group is rated "G" (General, for all ages) and is English speaking.  In being considerate to other members, having symbols or foreign lettering (i.e. ®★†®ÇF§¡A§§•¤±i¥d¤¬¤ù±Hµ¹€åäà֬ݳá¡I®Éª±¦ñ ¦©¼ ¯¶¥" ) throughout the nickname making the reading of nickname difficult to read is also unacceptable.   Having an adult-oriented,  negative, or deviate personal profile or photos posted of this nature is not allowed, and the membership will be terminated.


5. We wish to help those learning how to develop their psychic abilities and to be an aid and support to those who are on a path of better understanding of what psychic abilities are all about. In this effort we must state that we are totally non-commercial with our psychic endeavors, and  that we do not charge for readings nor do we allow promotion of those psychics and their websites who are commercial. Joining us to contact members via advertisement posts in our forum or members' Aimoo Inboxes ads for promotion of their own psychic commercial business or on someone else's behalf is prohibited. Advertisement will be immediately deleted and membership will be terminated.  We also will not allow members to use the Membership Profile directory as a source to solicit funds.  The result will be immediate banning.


6.  Please reply to posts via the  HFB Forum rather than through your private email account, as it always lists the entire thread of the original post, plus your response in a lengthy narrow column and is very difficult to read.  It's fine of course to read the posts this way, but please if you wish to respond go to the Forum and post that way to avoid these cumbersome displayed replies.


7.   All articles written by Lilly are copyrighted and no copying or reprinting of said material is allowed without the expressed written consent by Lilly.  All rights reserved.


8.  We are a group with a "workshop teaching atmosphere" focused with the aim to help those who are wishing to learn about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and how to develop them, and  to be adept with these psychic abilities in order to share them with others.  We welcome questions on these subjects, give readings and insight into psychic situations all of the Light.  However, we do not want to be considered a resource solely for getting personal readings on a continuous basis free of charge.  No one likes to be taken advantage of, and that includes all the members as well as Lilly, the Manager, so please have consideration of other psychics when you post so we can stay on topic discussing psychic subjects. We also share our psychic and spiritual experiences, and discuss positive psychic and spiritual topics.  We work directly with the Angelic Realm and we are involved with God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and those of  the Holy Christ Consciousness. Therefore, the postings will be viewed with these factors in mind. Our Forum Board is closely monitored and will delete the post and ban anyone who has joined with a deliberate posting promoting any of the above mentioned subjects that we oppose.   Thank you for your understanding.

Peace and Blessings,

HopeFromBeyond Group

© Copyright 2003

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